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Hello friends! Today we’re sharing a wedding we got to shoot at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Downtown Franklin,  full of classic elegance and timeless style. 

“This story SHOULD begin on August 3rd, 2013…Michael and Lexie both attended a pool party that day; Michael with his roommate, and Lexie with some church friends. Although there were probably only 30 people there, they didn’t meet. Yet.”

Today’s wedding is a gorgeous one – one of those moments that’s so pungent you just want to soak it all up. Rich with an autumn color palette and deep tonal details, every part of it seemed to only compliment the bounty of beauty already present in nature this time of year!

It’s always a joy to shoot at Riverwood Mansion. Not only do we love the stories contained within those walls, but the design ethos is incredible!

“After all the pressure, planning, and business of dealing with the wedding, the first look was a intimate/private moment the two of us got to share alone,” Courtney describes. “He also may have shed a few tears that he would not have wanted everyone else to see. During the first look,

“I had this vision of my wedding for years,” Kat says. “That it would be my friends and family and loved ones all dancing barefoot on the grass. I remember having a moment at the reception where I realized that was exactly what was happening and that it was even more wonderful than I imagined.”

Have you ever experienced one of those rare moments of pure happiness, that you just keep coming back to think on it? Today’s wedding had a handful of those…

Tara + Geoff got married last weekend at the heavenly Hermitage Hotel. Literally: the ceilings are painted a pale sky-blue, dotted with light fluffy clouds. How beautiful is that? “My favorite moment was the first look,” Tara says. “I was sobbing walking the length of the gorgeous veranda at The Hermitage Hotel to Geoff. His back was to me, and I kept thinking the man in the tuxedo is minethat’s my Geoffrey’s distinctive stance, and all the nerves and three hours of getting ready were for him. I was so ready to see him.” . . .

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