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I fell in love with photography while developing film in my college darkroom as I got my degree in art education. Working with children from pre-school - high school, my love for photography naturally bloomed into a business! 

My true passion is helping families bring priceless memories into their homes. Since I went full time in 2016, I’ve truly been able to see my passion come to life in photographing pregnancies, babies and families so each beautiful life stage can be remembered.

What truly motivates me is imagining what your photos with your children will mean to your children one day. The photographs we take today will impact the future lives, self-beliefs and thoughts of your children. 

When they can easily see a photo of their parents joyfully playing with them or gently comforting them — they will be reminded of how they are loved, wanted & belong. 

In addition, you can also find my imagery within The Prism Project, a soon-to-be book that honors the conversation around infertility and pregnancy loss.

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