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In 2022, I had the privilege of spending a delightful day with three amazing siblings – two sisters and one brother. Their parents brought them to my studio in Nashville, TN, where we transformed the space into a world of wonder and imagination. These charming little girls, dressed up in their favorite dresses, added a […]

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where photos are taken and shared instantaneously on our phones and computers, the tradition of portrait sessions still remains strong. Portrait sessions allow for the entire family to spend time together and have those memories artistically documented and preserved forever.There’s something deeply nostalgic and heartwarming about holding printed photos from […]

Join me on an exciting outdoor adventure as we celebrate Baby Jane’s 2-Year Milestone (Jane Bradely, aka JB). It’s crazy to think I just recently photographed her 3rd birthday & she is about to become a big sister any day now!For now we are revisiting JB’s 2nd birthday session taken last summer. For all of […]

As a photographer, I have always wanted to offer my clients the chance to capture special moments between siblings. I know from personal experience how meaningful it is to look back at photos from childhood and having the chance to provide that for my clients means a lot to me. Recently, I had the pleasure […]

1) Tell your kiddos about your photographer. Begin talking with them about their new photographer friend a few days in advance. This is especially helpful for kids that get nervous around new people, as well as helpful for kiddos that do best when prepped for what new situations/activities will be like. 2) Go with the […]

Sarah Sidwell, Nashville newborn and family photographer, shares on the blog Olyvia’s studio newborn session. This session is kept kept light and neutral, perfect to keep all the focus on the love and bond between little baby & her big sisters and parents.

Nashville child photographer, Sarah Sidwell, shares Boden’s 1 year milestone photo session. So many cute moments of Boden with his celebratory birthday cake are captured, just take a look!

Sarah Sidwell, Nashville Tennessee newborn and family photographer, shares the sweetest newborn studio session with baby Emiyah. Baby Emiyah’s family was so excited to finally have her with them. You can’t miss all the sweet moments that were captured.

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