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Today’s session is extra special — Back in my Art Teacher days, Chelsea and I taught next door to each other! We had each others backs, which makes a world of difference in that sort of environment! She put up with my art class playing loud music regularly, as well as graciously enduring the paint smell that probably drifted through those cinder block walls into her classroom ;-). It was such a pleasure to then get to photograph Chelsea & Jason on this lovely Autumn day!

“I had this vision of my wedding for years,” Kat says. “That it would be my friends and family and loved ones all dancing barefoot on the grass. I remember having a moment at the reception where I realized that was exactly what was happening and that it was even more wonderful than I imagined.”

I have known Abby since she was in middle school! It was so fun to reconnect with her and her family as she prepared to marry a sweet Texas boy. Abby and Chris got married in a family friend’s “recording barn” on an unusually warm and sunny late December day.

The day of Jennifer and John’s wedding, it was supposed to rain. And it did, in between the first look and bridal party photos — just enough to cool down the hot summer day for their outside reception! What a blessing in disguise!

… they left the alter as husband and wife, walking down the aisle to Zeppelin and arrived at their reception where the southern/breakfast themed food left my mouth watering.

“The way we started our new life together was perfect. Simple, unencumbered by extravagance and dedicated to building and sustaining what family does when it’s at its best. Family … in all its imperfect, dysfunctional drive-you-crazy-sometimes glory … supports you and is there for you. If Keri and I went into our marriage dedicated to supporting each other the way our families, both blood and extended, supported us, we could do this. . . .

As mentioned in my previous post, these first few posts are dedicated to a few of the wonderful clients that I have met over the last 5 years, who have encouraged me to “take the leap.” Krista has been the ultimate encourager in growing my business.

After looking at LOTS of photo sessions, I’ve decided to dedicate my first few posts to clients that in one way or another have played a pivotal role in encouraging me to “take the leap” and pursue my “dream job.” I’ve had so many wonderful clients who have and have been truly blessed by the friendships we have formed. Some people in these first few posts may seem to hold obvious roles of encouragement, and some people (like Ashley and Grant) may not be so obvious… that is until you know how their story intersected with mine . . .

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