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Think I only photograph weddings and babies? Think again! I love families with older kids too! This family was so fun to photograph – their session is packed with personality.

Baby giggles are infectious and every mamma wants those captured, BUT the photos of Liz comforting and drying Bennett’s tears captures such a beautiful well rounded depiction of motherhood at this fleeting stage…

Today’s session is a darling shoot with mother-to-be Mary Ann. We love the subtle touches of personality she brought to the shoot – between the bright lipstick, bouncy bob and denim button down . . .

There is something so special about that connection and I will always feel so honored to be able to capture mammas with their sweet babes. However, it is undeniable that Daddy’s have a dynamic connection with their baby’s too and I love it when dad’s show up, unafraid of letting that connection show in front of the camera. The dynamic connection between this baby is so present with both Mom & Dad. And that just makes my heart smile :-).

This year, we have been thrilled to photograph many newborn through 1 year sessions! We plan to share more of these sweet baby session with you in the not too distant future! So meet baby Piper and her beautiful mama. We dare you not to fall in love with those itty bitty fingers, the delicious chubby cheeks, and those gorgeous eyes.

I first met Elle and Jack through a *Miriam’s Promise* adoption fundraising event.  We did our first session (pictured below) last spring.  Getting to know this family has been such a fun and surprising process. With each session we have done together I am more and more inspired by how this family works together and supports/encourages each other. . . .

I have known Rockne’s mom and dad for several years and when they asked me to take *maternity pictures* for them, I was so excited. It has been such an honor to be able to watch Rockne grow and document that through my camera lens. From when Rockne was in Molly’s tummy, to new born pics and 6th month pics and I now am looking forward to 1 year! Every time I work with Molly and Joel I am just amazed at their level of team work. . . .

From exploring nature, playing with sticks, leaf fights, and a ridiculously funny piggy back ride– these guys are a blast! They know how to have fun and engage with their kids.  It is always an honor to document this family.

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