Boudoir, But For The Skin You’re In.

Body empowerment photography in the greater Nashville area.

“She made me feel so comfortable and confident despite feeling a little nervous. This truly made me see myself in a beautiful new way—both during the session and in seeing the photos.”

- Michelle

Boudoir, but for you

My Philosophy

So often, society asks us, “Lose that. Pull this in. Bend just so”.

But in an effort to perfect beauty, it loses a key piece—your body's lived experience. The perfection of you, just as you are. Boudoir photography is often thought of as just for the male gaze, so allow me to clear that away.

Because this is for you.

My Goal

Your body is a work of art, let's capture it the way you deserve to be loved. With photos lit from within as you center your appreciation on yourself.

Because our bodies can be our greatest joy, if we only change the lens through which we view them.

"Sarah made me feel so comfortable in those somewhat vulnerable moments, she was incredibly supportive and I highly recommend the experience.”

— C

meet sarah

I fell in love with photography while developing film in my college darkroom as I got my degree in art education. And in my years as a photographer, I’ve realized that we all have this deep desire to be accepted, but it can only come if we accept ourselves as an exquisite work of art.

The depths of my being is pulled to embrace this acceptance with each and every one of my clients who want to feel empowered in their body. No matter the season, our skin tells a story of who we are, where we’ve been, and hints at where we will go. It’s nature’s most beautiful song, just for us.

In this intimate experience together, I hope you’ll be reminded of how much you deserve to celebrate and cherish yourself throughout life. Together, we’ll craft an experience that is completely comfortable for you.


“Sarah helped me feel very comfortable. I was worried I would feel self critical, but I was so amazed at the beauty and confidence Sarah was able to capture”

- B

“Sarah creates this atmosphere that's both safe and empowering. Baring it all in front of another person might sound wildly uncomfortable, but with Sarah, it’s just not. She makes it feel so safe, easy, and special.”





Because this process is all about embracing you, I never reshape bodies or do extensive retouching. That being said, it can feel like such an annoyance to have a pimple or bruise you didn’t anticipate. If that occurs, we’ll talk through your retouching preferences to make sure you feel your absolute best.


It’s 20 minutes south of Nashville, in Franklin!


Of course! As part of our planning process, we’ll create a vision that honors your personality and comfort zone.


Sessions are usually booked a minimum of 8 weeks in advance. I only take a select amount of sessions per month so reach out to reserve your spot!


Yes, absolutely. Most of my clients prefer to be photographed between 27-34 weeks. This is a sweet window where you aren’t too uncomfortable yet! It also ensures that if your baby surprises you with an early arrival, you don’t miss out on capturing such a precious time.


How you dress or don’t dress in your session is completely up to you.

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